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Harro Van Brummelen Memorial Scholarship

History and Purpose

The purpose of this scholarship is to honor the memory of Dr. Harro Van Brummelen, known for both his scholarship and his foundational support of the ICCTE, by encouraging emerging scholars amongst the ICCTE community. This scholarship provides an opportunity for both a conference presentation and a publication and it provides financial support to emerging scholars and encourages them to commence what we hope will become a long-term relationship with ICCTE. The scholarship provides for conference registration and room and board during the conference, as well as up to $500 of reimbursable travel expenses.

Networking Event
Application Guiding Criteria
  1. Literature: conversant with and critical analysis of the literature in the field of study. There needs to be some effort to link project material to ICCTE purposes and Conference Themes

  2. Methodology: If a research report, the application provides suitable reasons for adopting the particular method(s)

  3. Creativity/Contribution: In its conceptualization and execution, proposal demonstrates a commendable degree of creativity and rigor in integrating and applying research, theory, and practice. The project makes a contribution to education – for example, in its aims, approaches, insights, outcomes, and implications.

  4. Cohesion: The proposal offers a coherent and consistent frame for the named research methodology, with a breadth and depth appropriate to the subject matter under consideration

  5. Standard of writing: The proposal is written in a clear, coherent and cogent manner, at a standard expected at the applicant’s stage of their scholarly journey. It is appropriately formatted and substantially free from stylistic errors, following APA format.

  6. Primary contribution of work: The applicant has been a primary contributor to all stages of the project: its conceptualization, implementation, and writing.

Helping Hands
Application Submission Resources

If it would be helpful to talk with a member of the review team contact Christina Belcher (

Application Submission Process
  1. Complete Scholarship Application: if the link to the form does not work go here:

  2. Complete and Submit Conference Proposal- be sure to note that you are also applying for the HVB Scholarship.

  3. Submit one to three letters of support from colleagues or supervisors via email to the ICCTE Board at

  4. ICCTE 2024 HVB Application Deadline [December 1, 2023]

  5. ICCTE 2024 HVB Awardee Selection [January, 2024]

  6. ICCTE 2024 HVB Awardee Announced [ICCTE 2024 Conference]

  7. ICCTE 2024 HVB Awardee Presents with Scholarship Applied to Expenses [ICCTE 2026 Conference]

Earning the HVB Memorial Scholarship is a great way to grow your network with a global community of Christian Teacher Educators.

Thank you for submitting your application!

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