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ICCTE interest groups meet during the ICCTE Conference, but also via email and online platforms through the year.  While some groups meet merely to stay in touch,  others engage in collaborative work. The Think-Share-Care group, for example, worked together to write a book called How Shall We Then Care: A Christian Educator’s Guide to Caring for Self, Learners, Colleagues, and Community published in 2020 by Wipf and Stock.  If you are interested in a special interest group and you do not see it below, feel free to contact the current ICCTE President (Check the Home Page pulldown menu under leadership) and we will be glad to add your group. 


To join an ICCTE Special Interest Group, contact the following (go ahead- just push the button and join!):

Children's Literature
Continuous Program Improvement
Library Shelves
Exploring a Christian Philosophy of Education & View of Learning
National Accreditation
Special Education

Ready to develop and lead a new SIG?

Contact Bill Boerman-Cornell at if you are interested in serving in this way. 

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