2022 ICCTE Conference

Host Proposals

Hosting an ICCTE Conference is a great way to showcase the good work your institution and department are doing. 

Thank you for submitting your proposal!

ICCTE Leadership Proposal Prioritizations
  1. Institutional commitment to the conference must be demonstrated- including the faculty member(s) making the proposal as well as administrative interest and support

  2. Clear planning to keep costs reasonable and the conference accessible to our diverse members

  3. Site is accessible to participants coming from local, national, and international locations. International locations are welcomed.

Networking Event
Your Proposal Should Include
  1. The name(s) and contact information of the person(s) submitting the proposal, their individual institutional address, email address, and phone contact information.

  2. Physical Accessibility of Site (please also include distance from airport and shuttle and/or rental cars)

  3. Accommodations on and off campus

  4. Meal preparation (which meals will be included in the conference cost, which are the responsibility of the participants, and are there facilities for guests to prepare their own meals

  5. Suitable off site social time destinations, entertainment, Welcome/Conference Packages

  6. Internet Access (wireless, access to computers)

  7. Office support during conference (printing, etc.

  8. Conference space for whole group presentations, workshops, and informal space

  9. Plans for cooperating with ICCTE Leadership Team on theme, program development, review of papers, and other conference details.

  10. The process for calling for papers/ proposals, as well as managing the review and scheduling of presentations

  11. Budget with costs, capacity, and support from university

Helping Hands
Proposal Submission Resources

If it would be helpful to talk with previous hosts of the conference, feel free to contact Dana Pemberton of Abilene Christian University ( (host in 2018), or Bill.Boerman-Cornell of Trinity Christian College  ( (host in 2016), or Christina Belcher of Redeemer University Canada ( ) (host in 2014).  

Proposal Submission Process
  1. E-mail President Janet Arndt ( your intent to submit a conference hosting proposal [Sept. 1, 2020]

  2. Submit proposal document(s) to President Janet Arndt ( and President-Elect Bill Boerman-Cornell ( [Nov. 1, 2020]

  3. Selected Host will meet with ICCTE Leadership Team (zoom) for planning meeting [January, 2021]

  4. ICCTE 2022 Conference Host Selection [May, 2021]