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The ICCTE Journal is the scholarly journal of the organization.  The Journal is located here 

The Journal is published twice a year and accepts manuscripts at any time.

ICCTE Journal News:
Sean Schat, Editor of the ICCTE Journal confirmed the members of the Editorial Board.
Christina Belcher is Book Review Editor.
Other members are: Karen Dieleman, Doug Needham, and Michelle Shockness. 
The Fall 2024 issue is a theme issue focused on “Transformative Care,” guest-edited by Paul Shotsberger and Cathy Freytag.  The deadline for submissions is July 1, 2024.  You can review the Call for Papers at

If you are interested in reviewing articles, please contact Sean Schat at

Policy: ICCTE does not accept books, curriculum, or other published material to endorse or promote.  Instead we encourage authors to contact the editors of the ICCTE Journal about submitting a copy of their work for a possible review.

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