Recent News [10.20.2022]


The unfolding of your words gives light;
it gives understanding to the simple.

Psalm 119:130

As I was bringing in wood and organizing things in the fireplace for me to start a fire in our fireplace for the first time this season, I realized that I had not yet written my first letter to you all. I’m not sure what drew you all to my mind, but there you were. I began to think of all of the plans I had made this past summer for communicating with you, and whispers of regret began to creep into my inner dialogue.

And then I remembered that I had not yet started a fire in our fireplace this season either and I wouldn’t tonight, if I didn’t strike the match. So I did so. I lit the paper, placed carefully under the kindling, and gently exhaled into the belly of the fire. The tiny flame gave life to other tiny flames and soon they joined together in a fire that would soon warm my living room beautifully.

And just as I was beginning to understand what this first fire was offering me, other people required my attention, pulling me out of the room as the fire grew to its vibrant and seemingly self-sustaining energy. Later in the evening, the warmth and the light welcomed me back into this space, and I remembered you again. 

My friends, those of you whom I know by name and those of you whom I have not yet met, you are like this fire that welcomes one another with warmth and light. I have come to recognize our International Christian Community for Teacher Educators as a sacred space for me, where I know I will find God’s presence always. Your encouragement to one another is an extension of God’s love. Your wisdom and challenges to one another- to be our best, whole selves- shines light on this journey upon which we are walking.

This great work as Christian teacher educators is not easy, and just as I need to tend to the fire, adding more wood or adjusting the air access to sustain the fire, we need to tend to and support one another. We are all facing challenges of all different kinds in our individual and collective contexts. Instead of collapsing into exhaustion or lies of worthlessness, consider striking a match with a question or tending the fire with an offer to this community. Know that your tiny flame might be just the question or offer needed to connect other tiny flames with others, allowing our community to thrive in our local and global service, teaching, and scholarship.

And your board and I are here to serve and support you in this work. This month, we met and among other work, we reviewed the proposals submitted for the ICCTE 2024 Conference. It is my distinct privilege to announce that Gordon College will be hosting us in Wenham, Massachusetts (3 miles from the ocean and 25 miles from Boston) in May, 2024. More details are to come, but we wanted to celebrate with you this exciting news in this first letter from me.

Be well,
Sunshine R. Sullivan, PhD
President, International Christian Community of Teacher Education (2022-2024)

Our Mission

The purposes of the International Christian Community for Teacher Education (ICCTE) are to:

1. Promote communication and encouragement among Christian teacher educators;

2. Promote research-based and theoretically informed conversation about a range of topics related to the preparation of educators; and

3. Promote broader awareness of the importance and value of Christian thought and practice in relation to the broad field of education.


AT LeTourneau University, in May of 2010, the International Christian Community for Teacher Education (ICCTE) was launched as a formal association.  Prior to that time, and dating back to a conference at Trinity Christian College in Chicago in May 1994, teacher educators and allied higher education personnel had been meeting every other year on the campus of a CCCU institution for the purpose of scholarly exchange and fellowship,  For further information about the history of the group, see an article by Van Brummelen and Elliott


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